Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Product


Stainless Steel Stamping Parts Product

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Xiamen Fhz Machinery

  China FHZ Machinery Co., LTD., the company team was founded in 1993, the company has thousands of square plants, there are 20-50 people technical production team.   The company has 20-30 years of manufacturing and processing experience, the main business categories are CNC machining, stamping sheet metal, laser bending, injection silicone and other products used in various fields!   Our company has a large number of imported equipment CNC machine, punching machine, injection machine, welding machine, cutting machine professional testing equipment, first-class service, looking forward to friends all over the world can contact us!   Cnc milling machine & Cnc lathe we do cnc machining is very professional, precision up to 0.005-0.01 mm. Stamping & Stretch We do stamping, automatic production line, all kinds of metal parts stamping and drawing Plastic & silicone We do injection molding, plastic parts and silicone parts, including mold opening.
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97.9% 5 Stars Feedback

FHZ Machinery Co., LTD. epitomizes commitment to excellence and superior customer service. Since our inception, we've maintained a remarkable 97.9% customer feedback rate, a testament to our professionalism and reliability. Our team is dedicated to transparent and fulfilling interactions across all service points, from sales to support.   Specializing in CNC machinery, we cater to diverse industries with products that are not merely tools but marvels of engineering precision, designed to boost efficiency. Our customer-centric approach ensures we exceed expectations, fostering a loyal community around our brand.   Join us at FHZ Machinery, where your growth and satisfaction are at the heart of our operations. Trust in our partnership, guaranteed to deliver excellence.

  • FHZ Company founder Jacky Hu
    FHZ Company founder Jacky Hu
    Jacky Hu is the founder of FHZ Machinery Co., LTD. Jacky Hu has 40 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing of plastic injection molding silicone products      
  • Program code engineer Hadwin
    Program code engineer Hadwin
    Hadwin is the company's program Code engineer in charge and has 23 years of program coding NC programming experience
  • Gold sales clerk Jessica Zou
    Gold sales clerk Jessica Zou
    Jessica Zou is a gold salesman at FHZ Machinery Co., LTD., and speaks several languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
  • Mechanical technology engineer Jay Liu
    Mechanical technology engineer Jay Liu
    Jay Liu is the Director of manufacturing machinery at FHZ Machinery Co., LTD. He has 19 years of technical experience in professional machinery manufacturing


The main products are breast pumps, milk regulators, sterilizers and other small home appliances for infants and young children. The sales network covers the whole world.

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  • Company meeting
    Every month, our management team holds a dynamic meeting to review the past month's progress and challenges. These sessions are designed to be clear and engaging, fostering an open and lively office culture.   We focus on addressing issues and celebrating our successes to ensure a well-rounded discussion. This approach promotes active participation and keeps everyone informed about our operations.   Additionally, we value feedback from our partners and clients highly. By incorporating their insights, we continually enhance our practices. This commitment to clear communication and continuous improvement underscores our dedication to excellence in all aspects of our business.
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  • Discussing with customers
    Recently, two esteemed clients from Turkey visited our company and expressed profound admiration for our products and services. Their visit was not only an honor for us but also a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. As we look ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the highest standards and delivering exceptional service to all our customers. This visit has further solidified our relationship with our Turkish clients and laid a robust foundation for future collaborations. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to establish a lasting partnership with our Turkish counterparts and look forward to a prosperous future together.
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  • Customer visits
    A customer from Bangladesh recently visited our company and expressed high appreciation for our services and product displays. His visit brought us great honor and affirmed the hard work of our team. We are committed to continuing our dedication to providing high-quality services with even greater enthusiasm and professionalism to meet the needs of our customers. This recognition is the best affirmation of our efforts and motivates us to continually strive for excellence, ensuring even better experiences and services for our customers.
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  • Participate in the exhibition
    On November 27th, we had the pleasure of participating in the Shenzhen Craft International Exhibition, a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our company's expertise and robust capabilities.   In a lively atmosphere, our booth was a hub of activity, attracting numerous foreign customers and friends. Jessica, one of our skilled salespeople, is pictured engaging a customer with her infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of our products.   Her expert presentation not only showcased our high-quality crafts but also highlighted the professionalism that defines our company. This event was a significant success, helping to strengthen our international presence and foster new business relationships.    
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