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Why ordering an injection molding service cost so much?

Why ordering an injection molding service cost so much?
May 14, 2024

Successful Injection Molding Service is an extremely complex undertaking, and the higher the complexity, the more expensive the mold becomes. Mainly include the following factors:


1. Material cost

Injection molds are subject to tremendous pressure and high temperatures. Therefore, the mold needs to be made of strong and durable materials so that it does not easily deform. These molds are typically made from different grades of steel or aluminum, raw materials that are inherently expensive.


2. Mold structure

Some complex parts need to be manufactured using molds. These parts are generally processed using imported professional machines to achieve strict tolerances, but the cost of imported machines is also very high.


3. Mold complexity and aesthetics

Some mold designs, strict tolerances, engravings, inserts, curves and other processes are relatively complex, making the finished product more refined and beautiful, but the production process is time-consuming and will also significantly increase the cost of the mold.


4. Labor costs

There are labor costs. Designing, manufacturing and assembling injection molds is a complex process that requires time and skill to be done correctly. Injection mold manufacturers and designers are experienced professionals, and their prices are also very high, which virtually increases the cost.

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