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Precision Casting Service

  • What is the difference between aluminum casting and die casting?
    Apr 29, 2024
    Aluminum casting and die casting are both widely used methods for manufacturing aluminum components, but they differ in their processes and applications.Aluminum casting refers to the process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold to create a desired shape. This method is commonly used for producing large, complex, or custom-designed aluminum parts. The molten metal is typically poured into the mold and allowed to cool and solidify, after which the mold is removed to reveal the finished part. Aluminum casting can be done using different techniques such as sand casting, investment casting, or gravity die casting, depending on the specific requirements of the part.On the other hand, aluminum die casting is a more precise and efficient method of manufacturing aluminum parts. In this process, the molten aluminum is forced into a steel mold called a die under high pressure. The die has a cavity that corresponds to the desired shape of the part. Once the molten metal fills the cavity and solidifies, the die is opened to remove the finished component. Die casting offers excellent dimensional accuracy, repeatability, and surface finish. It is commonly used for producing high-volume, intricate parts with tight tolerances, such as those found in automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics industries.In summary, aluminum casting is a general term for various methods of shaping aluminum parts by pouring molten metal into a mold, while die casting specifically refers to the process of injecting molten aluminum under high pressure into a steel die to create precise and intricately designed components.
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