Plastic Injection Molds


Plastic Injection Molds

  • How long do plastic injection molding last?
    May 27, 2024
    The service life of plastic injection molds ranges from hundreds to more than a million times. The service life of plastic injection molds depends on their environment, materials, maintenance, production, design and other factors.   1. Environment. The cleaner the environment, the longer the mold service life. The working conditions of plastic injection molding product will not only seriously affect the service life of the molds, but also the oil stains and other untimely cleaning will corrode the surface of plastic molds. Harsh and dirty environments will shorten the life of molds, while molds used in very clean environments can be used for decades.   2. Materials. Injection molding are susceptible to wear and tear due to their lack of hardness. The material of the mold may vary depending on the details of the injection molding process of the required parts. Harder plastics will last longer than softer plastics. In addition, the machine that makes the mold contains more impurities, which may also interfere with the injection mold itself. The corrosion resistance of the product will be affected to a certain extent.   3. Maintenance. Regular maintenance can improve the durability of the mold. Organizing and arranging personnel for regular maintenance is crucial to the service life of plastic injection molds, and can even extend the service life by several years. Therefore, it is also important to develop the habit of regular maintenance.   4. Operations during production. Premature exhaust, long cooling time, and unhooking pins before the scheduled time are examples of such errors. Excessive force during fixing can easily cause mold deformation. Temperature control during the process can also help extend the life.   5. Mold structure design. Ingenious mold structure design can improve efficiency and thus extend the life of the mold. Designers can also improve the service life of plastic injection molds by avoiding some defects during design.
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