automotive stamping parts


automotive stamping parts

  • Sheet metal stamping industry develops service-oriented creation and green manufacturing
    Nov 16, 2023
    The importance of service-oriented manufacturing is becoming more and more widely recognized and accepted, and has become the development trend of the stamping sheet metal manufacturing industry. After the baptism of the financial crisis, many companies have conducted deep reflections and made corresponding adjustments to their future development strategies. There is almost a consensus on gradually transforming from production and operation enterprises to comprehensive service enterprises. For stamping and sheet metal companies, they must focus on improving the supply capabilities of complete sets of technology and automated production lines, and strive to cultivate overall solutions and manufacturing expert systems. Specifically, it is necessary for enterprises to comprehensively improve the quality and scope of services and penetrate services into all aspects, including technical consultation, customer training, financial settlement methods, logistics work, product technical services, assisting customers in secondary development, and satisfying customers. individual needs, etc. At the same time, we try our best to solve the problem for customers in the shortest time when there is customer demand in any link, and maximize the response speed.   In the future, the development of my country's stamping and sheet metal industries must conform to the design, manufacturing and consumption concepts of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and material saving, and develop toward precision, efficiency, specialization, scale and globalization. Chinese enterprises have a long way to go and will transform and develop from six aspects in the future.   First, adopt advanced manufacturing processes and equipment, establish and improve a quality assurance system, improve the level of precision, specialization, automation, and information-based manufacturing to meet the needs of large-volume and flexible production;   The second is to improve the production, marketing and management level of enterprises, reduce management costs, and improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises should continuously improve and improve production and sales levels, continuously reduce their management costs, truly seek quality and efficiency from management, and improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises.   The third is to attach great importance to the construction of the talent team. While continuously introducing high-quality talents needed by the enterprise, we must also pay attention to the re-education and training of the existing workforce to keep their technical and management levels in step with the times.   The fourth is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, take an overview of domestic and foreign industry developments, collect important industry intelligence, broaden the career of the decision-making leadership, and improve the foresight of the leadership's decision-making.   The fifth is to establish the concept of integrity, establish the good reputation of the enterprise, and strive to become a century-old enterprise.   Sixth, establish an overall concept and establish a reasonable upstream and downstream supply and demand relationship. At the same time, we should introduce and train international talents to understand the customs, laws and regulations, language and culture of other countries, ensure unimpeded communication between enterprises and foreign enterprises, and improve the success of cooperation. Rate.   By offering a variety of stamping operations, manufacturers can choose the most appropriate method for their specific application, ensuring the best results. Our company has 20-30 years of manufacturing and processing experience, the main business categories are CNC machining, automotive stamping parts, laser bending, injection silicone and other products used in various fields! Looking forward to friends all over the world can contact us!
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